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World of Wonder Popcorn Machine and Cotton Candy Maker

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Food Machine

There are few things that are as sweet as spending time with family and friends. Coming in a close second would be Popcorn and Cotton Candy! Have the best of both worlds by getting your family and friends together to enjoy the Popcorn and Cotton Candy Makers!

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Sweeten your day at the park with delicious snacks from the Cotton Candy Machine and Popcorn Machine!

 Freshly Popped

 Sugary Sweet

The World of Wonder Cotton Candy Machine Interaction:
• Have Cotton Candy

The World of Wonder Popcorn Machine Interaction:
• Have Popcorn

• Sort by Room -> Outdoors -> Outdoor Activities
• Sort by Function -> Entertainment -> Parties

New Animations:  Yes

Useable by:
Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

600 SimPoints

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